SUNPOWER "total control" 7" sold out

After a great demo 7" self-released by the band, here's the "Total control" EP! This piece of vinyl fatures 8 brand new tracks of pissed-off thrashy hardcore/punk with a true early 80's feeling and they play it right - fäst, furious & to the point like Minor Threat, Youth Brigade, 7-Seconds & Circle Jerks. Bu(ll)sh(it) era hardcore!
loneliness - resist

Pressing info: 400 black 7"s with regular cover, 50 black 7"es with limited cover on grey paper with the flyer of the release party show on the back cover, 50 black 7"es with limited cover brown paper. No flyer of the release party on the back cover.

Fast, stripped down hardcore from Belgium. This four-piece barrel through eight politically charged tunes that touch on such topics like war, class struggle and capitalism. And of course no record is complete without the ever so popular Orwellian-themed song titled "Total Control". This is not completely original, but it's still very musically competent - [Maximum Rock'N Roll nr 252

That is not the best name, I know... sounds like hippy cult stuff but these belgian kids play some really tight fast hardcore. Definitely rooted in early 80's US hardcore/punk, these 8 songs are done very well utilizing their sheer punk momentum to create quick and short memorable hardcore songs. I'm pretty impressed with these chaps, this is a good start for sure!! [Short, Fast + Loud zine]

Ces belges jouent un punk hardcore politisé rappelant le début des années 80 (Minor threat, Youth Brigade…). Ca joue à fond la caisse, ralentissant rarement : pas vraiment de mosh parts ici que de la vitesse grisante et de l’énergie qui reste au maximum tout au long de ce vinyl. Les textes sont une mixture d’écriture personelle assez désespérée( « loneliness ») et de politique : l’échange de sécurité contre la liberté (« total control »), les guerres économiques (« wartrade »). Certaines rhythmiques sont très bien trouvées et change de l’habituel rentre dedans de ce style. Tout est carré et en place… Rien à redire. En tout cas moi j’ai hâte de les voir en live ! Recommandé à tous punkers ou hardcoreux - [ThanxForNothing zine]

Sunpower recorded this 'Total Control' 7" somewhere in October 2003. It's released by 'Still Holding On'-records. The cover art- work is done by Spoiler and fits this whole release perfectly. 'Total Control' is in every aspect better than 'Back To Basics', their previous release. The songs are more balanced, structured and have a nice fast pace. The artwork and lay-out are cooler too. Now, this release contains 8 tracks of fast and furious 80's hardcore, that will probably remind you of bands like 'Minor Threat', 'Bad Brains'... without being a rip-off. I often got to hear Sunpower's just a copy of MT but they are so much more if you just want to listen to it, without any prejudices. All these songs just keep wandering around in your head after you heard them. Mike, the singer of the band does a great job: he can sing really, really fast and he can also sing more melodic and he can scream his lungs out if you want to. He also writes the guitar riffs and the lyrics, which deal about politics and personal opions, feelings and emotions. I would recommand this 7" to you if you like 80's hardcore and bands like MT, 'Black Flag', 'Dead Kennedy's'... [Keep It Alive Webzine]

Nouvel ep de ce groupe old school belge. Nouvel ep sortis sur le très bon label liégeois SHO Rec. Bon donc deuxième ep pour SUNPOWER et ça latte. J' dirais même que SUNPOWER est LE meilleur groupe old school belge. Et puis ce que j'aime dans SUNPOWER c'est leur style. Super proche des vieux groupes des années 80, et donc non moins proche de MINOR THREAT...fabuleux. J'en reveux un peu plus à chaque fois. Les shows live du groupe sont un pure instant de bonheur expressif et énergique. 8 tubes de musique rapide pour vous mesdames et messieurs. Une plaque IMPARABLE !!!...Trop dommage que je n'ai pu participer à la sortie de cet ep...peut-être la prochaine fois! Y'a quand même un hîk pour moi...j'aime pas la pochette hélas - [Shoot Me Again Webzine]


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