BLACK FRIDAY '29 "the escape" lp [dead & gone records] - 14 Fast and heavy old school hardcore songs that brings to mind JUDGE, YOUTH OF TODAY and some more modern influences TERROR, MADBALL. Listen half past nine - 9 euros

BOMBSTRIKE / REIGN OF BOMBS split lp [yellow dog records] - BOMBSTRIKE delivers straigh forward swedish hardcore/crust like they old stuff, but w/ much more power. REIGN OF BOMBS is a new band from Umea (Sweden), they play a mix of oldschool harcore & crust - 9 euros
BONES BRIGADE "I hate myself when i'm not skateboarding" lp [coalition records] - The classic first album from these Boston skate thrashers finally available on vinyl! Fast, guitar driven skate punk in the vein of the Faction, DRI, Suicidal Tendencies,... 9 euros
BORN DEAD / CONSUME split lp [yellow dog records] - BORN/DEAD (from Oakland, USA) plays anracho style hc and CONSUME plays typical Disrupt/State Of Fear style HC! 7 euros
BREAK IT UP "no sides" lp (Dead & Gone recs) - raw & anthemic oldschool from England in the vein of Insted, Chain Of Strength,... mp3s: tension & down to your level - 9 euros
CINDER "sneaking out" [cycle recs] - The first full-length from this BCN-based band. Fast hardcore punk that mixes the urgency of bands like Los Crudos with the sing alongs and positive vibe of bands like Mouthpiece. Check out Cinder myspace to listen some song - 9 euros

DECONDITIONED "where am i?" lp [beginning era records] - Hailing from Seattle with influences ranging from Void and Black Flag to the proto punk of the Stooges and the weirder sounds of the Melvins and the Jesus Lizard, Deconditioned rocks hard and doesn't fuck around. Hot pink wax limited first pressing colored wax | mp3: play it safe & catholic school - 9 euros

FUCK ON THE BEACH picture disc 10" [rsr] - crazy japaese thrashcore attack - 8 euros
FUNERAL SHOCK lp [6 weeks records] - Twelve shots of early 80's gutter-core ala VILE, BAD POSTURE & BLACK FLAG from the Bay Area - 9 euros
KAMIKATZE "s/t" 1-sided lp - All-girl band from Sweden playing awesome raging punk/hardcore. MP3: i hate kids - 6 euros
LAST RIGHTS "no guts, no glory" LP [reflex records] - The complete discography by this legendary Boston hardcore band from 1984 featuring Choke of Negative FX and Slapshot fame. Originally released on Taang! records in 1984 as a two song 7" and now back on vinyl for the first time since 1984 and with the four unreleased songs as bonus! 7 euros
LION OF JUDAH "universal peace" lp [powered recs] - DC's Lion Of Judah draw from their collective experience in past bands No Justice, Desperate Measures and Worn Thin. Recommended if you like the Bad Brains, Burn,... Listen love jam - 9 euros
MDC "corpses of the ultimate dominators" lp [yellow dog records] -The latest release from this legendary hardcore/punk band (myspace) playing musice for more than 20 years! 8 euros
NEW WINDS "a spirit filled revolution" lp + book [refuse records] - 3rd full length album of this great Political Vegan Straight Edge band from Portugal. Political melodic old style hardcore with lots of variety. The lp comes with a 170-page book with all the lyrics of the band, explanations, writings of political prisoners, articles, poems,... 12 euros
NO MORE FEAR "a matter of choice" lp [hard to break recs records] - the vinyl version of the album of this fine posi youth crew hardcore band, listen: a matter of choice - 8 euros
NO TURNING BACK "Damage done" lp [anger management records] - old style hardcore with punching breakdown in the vein of Madball, Breakdown, Death Threat,... mp3: stay away - 9 euros

OFFENDERS "we must rebel" lp [reflex records]- Official re-release of the classic "We Must Rebel " LP, "the Lost Causes" 7" and the "Fight Back" 7". This release captures their recordings from 1981 to 1983 and is not to be missed for fans of bands like MDC, Big Boys, Dead Kennedys - 9 euros

POISON IDEA "pick your king ep+ learning to screamep" lp [reflex records] - Re-release of their classic first 7" "pick your king" (1983). This is teh band rawest & craziest material. As a bonus there's the rare out of print "Learning to Scream" 7" - 8 euros

RADICAL ATTACK "priority" lp [ghost town recs] - good, no-bullshit, straight-to-the-point hardcore from Canada. A good mix of fast & mosh parts, this record should please the Haymaker, XfilesX, Think I Care,... fans. Nice artwork too! - 9 euros

RISE & FALL "Hellmouth" lp [anger management records] - brutal hardcore in the vein of Integrity, Madball, Ringworm,... mp3: where ghost roam - 9 euros
THE RITES "There shall be no encore" LP [coalition records] - Llimited one sided LP. This one time pressing contains 14 songs on side A and has a fancy silskcreen print on side B. The Rites consist of members from Tear It Up, Cut The Shit and Bones Brigade and play fast and in your face hardcore, not unlike a mix between early Poison Idea and Cut The Shit - 9 euros.
R'N'R "the infamous & the notorious" lp [manic ride records] - RNR successfully mold together the realness, power, and aggression of early hardcore punk (SSD, DYS,...) with the catchiness, swagger and big riffing of the very best rock n' roll. Features members of Think I Care and Mental. MP3: poser
RUNNAMUCKS "of a different breed" lp [6 weeks records] - Ugly blasts of 1982 hardcore punk from these Florida kids. Fans of early F.U.'s, Sick Pleasure and Black Flag start lining up now!! Listen lonewolf & one for my baby. 9 euros
STRUNG UP "society rot in hell" lp [kangaroo records] - Strung Up's first full length, after their great ep from last year. 15 rapid fire angry as fuck hc anthems. A band that definetely created a sound of their own heavy bass and ripping guitar work. Listen heard it was so & christ air/no christ. 9 euros
SUNPOWER "say something" lp [still holding on records] - 16 raging punk/hardcore songs that sound like they could have been written in the early 80’s. Highly recommended if you dig Minor Threat, Dead Kennedys, Circle Jerks, Ripcord,... The lp comes with a thick fanzine with all the lyrics, interviews,... Check out their Myspace for some songs - 9 euros
VOETSEK "the castrator album" [siw weeks records] - This full length contains no less than 40 songs of relentless hi-speed tharsh atatck, in a span of 25 minutes! 9 euros
WALK THE PLANK "dead weight in hostile water" lp [dead & gone records] - WALK THE PLANK ex-Voorhees) play hardcore in its most bare, and violent form. No contrived "mosh parts" no bullshit posing, just absolute rage from start to finish. MP3: dead men tell no tales. 9 euros
 WORLD BURNS TO DEATH "The sucking of the missile cock" lp [hardcore holocaust records] - powerful hardcore/punk/crust from the USA in the vein of Tragedy,... MP3: fall on your words - 9 euros

7 inches

10 & 12 inches