ANNIHILATION TIME s/t cd [head x on records] - This american band plys total Bl'ast / "My War" era Black Flag influenced hardcore/punk... are we back in the early 80's? Listen to razor - 7 euros

BAD BUSINESS s/t cd [third x party records]- unique and interesting modern xold schoolx band from Rochester (NY). This cd features their 7", compilation songs,... Listen spring break - 8 euros
THE BREAK IN "this ends with us" cd [dead & gone records] - XXX Metallic hardcore influenced by the likes of Terror, Santa Sangre, Earthmover and Until The End. Listen strength in numbers. 7 euros
BREAK IT UP "no sides" cd [dead & gone records] - raw & anthemic oldschool from england in the vein of Insted, Chain Of Strength,... Listen: tension & down to your level - 8 euros
CINDER "two years of ripoffs & circle pits" cd [sos records] - all the vinyl releases from this rad BCN hc/punk band are compiled on this cd (except the new ep), 30 songs & a great live video! | mp3s: cinder vs daggers, de esta agua no bebere & que te parta un rayo - 8 euros
DAY OF THE DEAD "Old habits die harder" cd [best times records] - Day Of The Dead combines the best of bands like Give Up The Ghost, Carry On or Bane to find their own sound. This CD version features 2 more songs than the vinyl version. Listen "Olds habits die harder" - 8 euros
DIEHARD YOUTH "4 years the hard way" cd [spec 32records]- Diehard Youth released several records over the 4 years they were together, on labels such as Thorp, ThinkxFast and For The Core. This CD compiles their out of print vinysl onto CD format for the first time! 34 Tracks of Positive but Pissed hardcore! MP3: checkmate - 10 euros
THE DOWN & OUTS "boys from the blackstuff" cd [dead & gone records] - melodic street punk from the UK with tons of singalongs. Taking their cue from bands like Cocksparrer, early Green Day & One Man Army. Good stuff! Listen another night alone. 8 euros
DOWNRIGHT/FLOPDOWN split cd [goodwill records] - These 2 italian bands play raging fäst oldschool/punk/thrash with political lyrics. Downright also deliver a Los Crudos cover song while Flopdown cover Minor Threat - 8 euros
FAREWELL HOPE "valentines day" cd [all about records] - An 8 song release from Baltimore's Farewell Hope. Fast hardcore with melodic undertones, driven by anguished, compassioned vocals with political and emotional lyrics mainly about taking control and living our own individual lives - 7 euros
FPO "Znam Deka Ja Gubam Bitkata" cd [refuse records] - FOREVER POSITIVELY OBSESSED delivers fast and political oriented hardcore with strong DIY approach. This CD is a collection of 18 songs taken from various vinyl releases like 7" on ThirdxParty Records, split 7" w/ I Object and comps like "6 way split", "Macedonian Barbaric Thrash Detonation" (625) and "Brand New Place 2". Including one never released before song -  8 euros
F.T.X. "Life is too short"cd [lof records] - Powerfull and well-played oldschool in the vein of Ensign & early Sick Of It All... lots of choruses to make you sing along - 7 euros
FUMBLES IN LIFE "The gift of forever" cd [youth crew records] - One of the best xxx youth crewxxx bands to come from Italy. Great vocals, nice melodies, lots of energey,... if you're into youth crew style hardcore, check this out!!!! Price: 7 euros
THE GEEKS "from the start" cd - The Geeks are Asia's premier Posicore band, filling the role that TFS does here or Pointing Finger does in Western Europe. This CD compiles all of their work up until now from their earlier over the top thrash to more refined Youth of Today inspired positive HC. i'll stay the same - 8 euros
HIT ME BACK "Life" cd [refuse records] - 13 brand new songs that have more influences of more anthemic and melodic early 80's punk and hardcore, but still with fast and thrash hardcore parts. CD version contains eight bonus songs. Seven of them are taken from "Only Magic School Bus Goes Back In Time" 7"ep (including Heresy cover) and one coming from the same session, previously never released - 9 euros
HOLD x TRUE "invincible" mcd [diehard collective]- fast, yet melodic, hungarian xyouth crewx that reminds Wide Awake. The 7" version has been released by Third x Party. MP3: no human values Price: 7 euros
I OBJECT! "first 2 years" [punks before profits records]- That cd compiles all the vinyls released during the 2 first years of existence of that awesome US band. Totally awesome fats, pissed, passionate hardcore/punk with female vocals and great political/social oriented lyrix. New è" on Still holding On recs really soon!!!! Listen 8" of crap 7" of passion - 8 euros
JOHN BROWN'S ARMY "who fucked up the culture?" cd [gloom records] - 12 tracks from this New York hardcore band that are guaranteed to peal the paint from your living room walls. The music is powerful '80s hardcore while the vocals are way, way, way deep and gruff - 9 euros
JUSTICE "look alive" mcd [dead & gone records] - This MCD has 6 new tracks and the 5 from the demo. Straight edge hardcore filled with get-low mosh parts and a hint of Straight Ahead. Listen light in the dark - 7 euros
THE LEGACY "dead weight" mcd [dead & gone records] - great english XoldschoolX, mixing the best elements of In My Eyes & Turning Point. MP3: dead weight - 7 euros
MIGRA VIOLENTA "superficial" cd - rad, fast, thrashy oldschool/punk from Argentina with political lyrix... and with a great DIY attitude. 7 euros
NEW WINDS "This Fire these words 1996-2006" cd [refuse records] - This is special CD release for the 10th year anniversary of this outspoken political straight edge hardcore band from Portugal. It contains remastered 30 songs previously released on hard or impossible to find previous releases of the ,band (before "A Spirit Filled Revolution") from their debut 7", "For those Who Believe" cd, "Refusing to live by your lies" cd, some comp. tracks and also 3 never released before songs - 9 euros
NO MORE FEAR -"A Matter Of Choice" CD [goodwill records] - Classic oldschool SxE HC inspired by Ignite, Chain Of Strength, Youth Of Today, Carry On and Bold. Feels like 1988 again, with lots of youth crew choruses all along. 12 brand new songs to point your fingers to! Listen a matter of choice - 8 euros
NOTHING DONE "powertrip" CD [dead & gone records] -Fast & raw hardcore punk with influences from bands like Black Flag and Bl'ast! The record weighs in at a mammoth 31 tracks and this release also acts as a (to date) discography for the band as it also include the out of print 7” and demo recordings which appear here on CD for the first time. MP3: powertrip - 9 euros

NO VIOLENCE "invencivel" mcd [refuse records] - great political thrashy hardcore from Brazil in the vein of Lärm, Discarga,... 17 songs! - 7 euros


O INIMIGO "cada um em dois" cd [liberation records] - This is the first CD of this band from São Paulo wich playsa melodic oldschool with influences from Dag Nasty, Embrace, Fugazi, Three, Faith,... This band shares members with I Shot Cyrus, Discarga, Point Of No Return,... Listen one song - 6 euros

OUT OF REACH "neverending" CD [goodwill records] - a great mix of hardcore, punk & emo... for fans of Boy Sets Fire, Leatherface, Face To Face,... MP3: hardly getting over - 6 euros
POINTING FINGER "best bruises collection" cd [sho records] - all the vinyl from this posi xyouth crewx band compiled on one cd + live videos. Highly recommended if you dig GB, The First Step, In My Eyes,... MP3 - 7 euros
RECONCILE "july 20th" cd [varsity records]- The new cd from this south american band. Passionate straight edge oldschool from Argentina. Totally recommended if you dig Stay Gold, bane, Battery,... The cd features 10 songs + 6 great live videos!!! Listen halfway through - 8 euros
R'N'R "the infamous & the notorious" cd [manic ride records] - RNR successfully mold together the realness, power, and aggression of early hardcore punk (SSD, DYS, FU's,...)with the catchiness, swagger and big riffing of the very best rock n' roll (Led Zepplin, Thin Lizzy,...). Features members of Think I Care and Mental. MP3: poser. 10 euros
SEEIN' RED "This cd kills fascists" cd [peculio discos] - Contains musics from splits, compilations and unreleased tracks, from 2001 until 2003. Political fastcore from Holland featuring ex-Lärm & ManLiftingBanner members. MP3. 9 euros
THE SEX MANIACS "mean as hell" cd [manic riderecords] - This english band features memebers from Voorhees & The Horror. Raw, rauchy, bar room brawl rock 'n' roll with a vicious hardcore bite. Listen sabretooth - 10 euros
SHORTCUT / ASIDE split cd - Both bands play fast political oldschool/punk... 32 songs!!!! - 5 euros
SHREDDER "damnit riggs!" mcd [holy shit! records] - Belgian thrash devastation in the vein of Siege, Voorhees, Infest,... listen monster jam - 6 euros
SPITFIRE DOWN "All I ever loved" mcd [dead & gone records] - 9 tracks of old school hardcore influenced by the likes of Count Me Out, Carry On, Horror Show and Creep Division. Melodic vocals, bitter lyics and amazing art combine to make sure this Newcastle band's debut is one we're proud to have released. MP3: Down in three. 7 euros
STRONG INTENTION "What Else Can We Do But Fight Back" CD [six weeks records] - Great album released aound 2002... 25 songs of super fast political hardcore... power violence attack!!! European tour in 2004!!! 8 euros
SUMMER LEAGUE "supposed to trail" mcd [equality records]- between hardcore and melody reminding you a perfect mix of Turning Point and Boy Sets Fire! MP3 - 6 euros
THINKING STRAIGHT "Positive crew" cd[diehard collective] - Great energetic & fast Xyouth crewX from Indonesia. Listen "Go home, wash your feet & sleep" - 7 euros
THIS IS HELL s/t mcd [solid state records] - six tracks of fast paced hardcore in the vein of the Comeback Kid, AN, The Hope Conspiracy,... MP3: moving targets - 8 euros
THREAT OF RIOT "Seasons" cd [goodwill records]- Powerful mix of oldschool & crust, male/female vocals, engaged lyrics... musically between Youth Of Today, Discharge, Strike Anywhere & Kill The MAn Who Questions - 9 euros
UNCONFORM cd - The 14-song album from this russian band... mid-tempo oldschool! The songs are in russian, but they're all translated - 7 euros
VALUES INTACT "Hope of freedom" cd [diehard collective] - Brutal & pissed-off XoldschoolX from Italy (ex-No Way out) with a "modern oldshool" touch. Listen "Giant strides" - 6 euros
V/A LOUDER THAN HELL cd [six weeks records] - thrash/crossover compilation cdep feat. Municipal Waste, Accused, Hirax, Voetsek & Toxic Narcotic - 4 euros
V/A THIS IS OUR TIME 6-way split cd[sho records]- 18 tracks (34 minutes) international oldschool compilation, featuring Pointing Finger, Cinder, Reconcile, Day Of The Dead, On x Alert & Odyssey. For more infos &
VOETSEK "the castrator album" cd [six weeks records] - thrashcore assault from california, they've been compared to the Accused, Municipal Waste (but more punk),... 8 euros
WASTED "Can't wash off the stains" mcd [combat rock indstry] - Wasted is one of the most popular finnish bands... and it's not hard to understand why: they play awesome "rockin' punk/hardcore"; they perfectly mix the energy of hardcore and the catchiness of punk rock. Listen a mp3 - 6 euros
WALK THE PLANK "s/t" cd [dead & gone records] - Nasty, harsh and brutal mid '80's hardcore (w/ ex-Voorhess members). The cd feat. video footings & the demo - 8 euros

7 inches

10 & 12 inches