86 MENTALITY "on the loose" 7" [gravemistake records] - DC's 86 Mentality live up to their name by delivering six of pure Dischord styled hardcore in the vein of SOA and Iron Cross - 3 euros
ACTIONS ASIDE "Do you remember when" 7" [sell our souls records] - californian hc with great sing along parts, driven melody and energy to hold it all together | mp3: this fight within - 3 euros
ANS / MY REVENGE split 7" [still holding on records] - ANS: raging skatecore from Texas with influences ranging from Suicidal Tendencies to Black Flag & everything in between... MP3: bombing for beelzebub. MY REVENGE!: this hard-working Vermont band delivers a great mix of oldschool NYHC-style hardcore (Judge, early SOIA, Straight Ahead) & skate rock (early Suicidal Tendencies, Token Entry,...). MP3: more talk, more rock, less interrupting - 3 euros
ANS / DEADPOINT split 7" [16-oh records] - ANS plays rad skatecore in the vein of JFA, Black Flag and Anhillation Time. Deadpoint hails from Japan, playing hardcore that will make you want to learn Japanese, and drop in on the nearest empty pool you can find - 3 euros
ATAQUE FRONTAL"S/T 7" [burrito records] - Areissue from this record originally released in 1988, fast hc from Peru in the vein of SOA, DRI,... 3 euros
AVO / RUNNAMUCKS split 7" [kangaroo records] - Australia's A.V.O. play raging fast hardcore. Florida's the Runnamucks deliver 2 songs of their classic rockin' fast to midtempo hc that is nihilistic and great! 3 euros
BATTLE ROYALE 7" (Vendetta records) - New 7" from this  crazy, heavy metallic hardcore band from Germany - 3 euros

BICKLE'S CAB "your society" 7" [town clock records] - great political hc/punk from Sheffield - 3 euros

BLANK STARE "s/t" 7" [refuse records] - This Boston sxe band is influenced on both local tradition of classic early 80's sXe hardcore sounds and good tradition of meaningful and blasting hardcore-punk. You can check out a song on the Refuse recs myspace page - 3 euros

THE BREAKS "get saved" 7" [firestarter records] - Fast, thrashy, catchy music and venomous words that cut straight to the point. The Breaks are on the warpath and the religious right and shitty punks are dead set for destruction. mp3: breaking the bible belt - 3 euros

BRODY'S MILITIA "Tribute through butchery" 7" - A tribute 7" from these mad thrashers. 9 cover songs from Antiseen, Circle Jerks, Hellnation, Rupture,... Listen sick of fucken shit (orig. by Rupture) & strange pursuits (orig. by Devo) - 3 euros
CAPITAL DEATH "carbon" 7" [punks before profits records] - Intense original sounding hardcore punk from Canada betweem Septic Death and Filth - 3 euros
CARDIAC ARREST "life's a dead end" 7" [gravemistake recs] - Six tracks of hardcore fury channeling the energy and sound of bands like Negative FX and Last Rites and combining them with youthful angst and style. Listen daily dose - 3 euros
CHAIN BREAKER s/t 7" [vendetta records] - Fast, brutal & raw hardcore from Germany | click here for songs - 3 euros
CHAINSAW "monopolized" 7" (Even Worse recs) - This contains 4 new songs by this long going japanese band. Blowing 84'style Poison Idea meets classic Selfish label hc, yet unique - 3 euros

CLOAK DAGGER "pinata" 7" [gavemistake recs] - This band from Richmond, with ex-Count Me Out & Striking DIstance, brings us 4 songs between Count Me Out, Black Flag, Teen Idles & The Buzzocks.Check out their myspace - 3 euros

COMMON CAUSE "statement of purpose" [powered recs] - A band drawing influences from 80's hardcore bands like Youth Of Today, Straight Ahead or The Abused with ex-memebersof Eyeball, Damage Control,... Listen: too quick to judge - 3 euros
CONGA FURY "bullshit disaster" 7" [crucial records] - Crazy, angry and surely fast as hell thrashing punk by these right now well-known Japanese masters of auditory disaster - 3 euros
CONQUEST FOR DEATH "s/t" 7" - How would WHN? sound with a japanese drummer?? Check out Conquest For Death and you'll know... Bay Area thrash demoliion (myspace) - 3 euros
xCRUCIAL ATTACKx "s/t" 7" [third x party recs] - 8 raging thrash numbers about veganism, dudes, christian punks, short shorts, torchin' the burbs, sexism, and being drug free. Blazing riffs and gruff vocals akin to KNIFE FIGHT. MP3: lack of compassion - 3 euros
DAY OF THE DEAD / RUINER split 7" [vendetta records] - DOTD (myspace): agressive hc with melodies in the vein of American Nightmare. RUINER (myspace): modern youth crew from Baltimore - 3 euros
DEADFALL "comrades" 7" [625 thrash]- Totally manic fast hardcore that takes its influence from the early 80s (ie, JERRYS KIDS, GANG GREEN), but does not sound like all the current boring cookie cutter 'old school' bands. One of the best US bands! MP3s: from beyond & comrades - 3 euros
DEAD HEARTS s/t 7" [solid state records] - fast, anthemic hc recommened if you dig American Nightmare or the Suicide File . mp3: breakdown - 3 euros
DEAD SCENESTARS "absolute horror" 7" [not just words records] - Heavily influenced by bands such as Terror and Barfight, DSS chose to play hardcore the old fashioned way: angry, fast and hard. MP3: The nightstalker - 3 euros
DEATH IS NOT GLAMOROUS "undercurrents" 7" [dead & gone recordss] - Melodic hardcore from Norway influenced by Lifetime, Kid Dynamite, Saves The Day,... MP3: bring it back - 3 euros
DEEP SLEEP "you're screwed" 7" [gravemistake records] - In your gface hardcore/punk influenced by early 80s SoCal bands (Descendents, Adolescents,...). Great stuff! MP3: screwed - 3 euros
DEF CHOICE 7" [underestimated records] - Def Choice are a fast SE Hardcore band from Chicago - 3 euros
DESOLATION 7" [sly actions records] - Bay area punk/crust featuring Born/Dead members - 3 euros
DICK CHENEY / THE TANGLED LINES split 7" [refuse records] - THE TANGLED LINES is a female fronted powerful blasting fast hardcore, having elements of old school hardcore, youth crew and positive hc with fast thrash beats and melodic parts. DICK CHENEY (Umea, Sweden) plays early 80's influenced hardcore sound with fast tempos and thrashy sound - 3 euros
DISTRICT "if not continued..." 7" - rad fast youth crew style hardcore from Japan. 6 songs, one of them is a 7-Seconds cover - 3 euros
DROP IT "what the hell" 7" [western front records] - Californian Drop It seamlessly blend the best aspects of mid 90’s hardcore with what’s going on today for a sound of their own. mp3: out the door - 3 euros
FRANK CASTLE GONNA BREAK YOUR NECK "s/t" 7" [give praise records] - Fastcore from Russia! Circlepits and fast sing-a-longs round out these guys! Lyrics about skateboarding, destroying hippies, and corrupt governments. Check out their myspace page. Features members of George Harrison - 3 euros
FUNERAL SHOCK s/t 7" [controlled by plagued records] - Early 80's sounding raging hardcore rippers from California. Listen dead scenester - 3 euros
GET IT AWAY s/t 7" [third x party records] - Infest & No For An Answer inspired hardcore out of Chicago. Good band! Listen under the knife - 3 euros
HATRED SURGE / INSECT WARFARE split 7" [rsr records] - Gulfcoast grindcore .. HATRED SURGE (myspace) is ultra brutal one man power violence from texas .. covering all 4 instruments (no drum machine). INSECT WARFARE (myspace) plays fucking insanely brutal grindcore ala early earache stuf - 3 euros
HIT ME BACK / CINDER split 7" [still holding on records] - HMB: crazy, high energy L.A. thrash/punx, reminds Heresy, WHN?,... | MP3: never regret / Cinder: posi but pissed hardcore/punk in the vein of Outlast, LIfe's Halt,... | MP3: hi top or low - 3 euros
HIT ME BACK "8 positive tunes to shake yer bon-bon to" 7" - High energy South California thrash/punk in the vein of Life's Halt, WHN?,... Repress of their first 7"! MP3: to the extreme - 3 euros
HOSTAGE SITUATION "s/t" 7" [third x party records] - High energy hardcore that fuses late 80's posicore influences with the thrash speeds of 2001 bands like TEAR IT UP and LIFES HALT. MP3: waiting to die - 3 euros

IN DEFENCE / GUNS 'N ROSA PARKS split 7" [give praise recs] - In Defence (myspace) is back with more youthcrew styled hardcore. This time it's a little more aggresive, then before. Pickup the styles of some early youthcrew and fast hardcore looped over some aggresive style vocals.... Pit this together with Guns 'N Rosa Parks (myspace) who play 80's styled hardcore. It's kind of like angry street hardcore, you can think of Poison Idea and pound down and party - 3 euros

THE INFAMOUS / LOOKS LIKE RAIN split 7" [firestarter records] - Both bands come from the U$ and play great oldschool hardcore. Looks Like Rain MP3: disrespectful to dirt | The Infamous MP3: goodbye to italy - 3 euros
JAWS OF LIFE "slime time" 7" [carte blanche records] - Ten pissed-off tracks with an old-school crossover/ thrash vibe, but with enough dance parts to keep everyone happy. JOL play fast angry hardcore with breakdowns reminding me slightly of Youth of Today. Listen stick with it - 3 euros
KIDS OF CARNAGE "s/t" 7" [give praise recs] - A band from the land of sand and beach errosion! Kids of Carnage play fast and snotty punkrock. Laced together with some thrashy guitar leads and this pulls off very nicely! Fast and angry with songs about how tough you are after a Cape Cod winter! Check out their myspace to listen some tunes - 3 euros
KILLED IN ACTION "self abused" 7" [give praise records] - Brutal & raw thrashcore with a power violence touch (myspace). Lyrics about drugs, hating people, and other choice items - 3 euros
LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT "four song ep" 7" [clarence thomas] - Three piece melodic punk band from Canada, in the vein of The Avengers, No Hope For The Kids and Lost Sounds. Great stuff! MP3: poor boy - 3 euros
MOMENT OF YOUTH "sometimes..." 7" [firestarter records] - This band is influenced by the early 80s DC hardcore scene. Pissed as fuck. Record limited to 300 copies! MP3: take it back - 3 euros
MY LUCK "Endurance" 7" (Not Just Words recs) - fast and hard hc (think Give Up The Ghost, The Dedication or Striking Distance) with angst ridden, introspective lyrics | mp3: expired - 3 euros
NAMES FOR GRAVES "worst kid ever" 7" [spec 32 records] - sxe oldschool from Cleveland (ex-Committed). Check out their myspace - 3 euros
NERVOUS BREAKDOWN "Join The Army E.P." 7" [give praise recs] - Oldschool hardcore from Germany. All about the circlepits and old school sing-a-longs of the old American hardcore days. From fast to slow, mosh breaks and fast circlepit parts... these guys have fun just like the old school punk kids used to have, before it got beat up with too much hardcore! Combine the fun feel with smart lyrics about oppresion brought from people who just follow orders, and scene-core police... it comes together well! Check out their myspace for some tunes - 3 euros
NEVER ENOUGH s/t 7" [vendetta records/firestarter records] - Six songs of modern youth crew hardcore. Fast, heavy, and pissed off, while steering clear of the typical clichéd lyrics about backstabbing friends and bridges burned. Listen passed on - 3 euros
NEVER ENOUGH / SOLID GROUND split 7" [vendetta recs] - Never Enough is back with their pissed-off & powerful modern youth crew sound. Solid Ground play great modern oldschool in the vein of American Nightmare, Modern Life Is War, Carry On,... (you can check out mp3s on their site) - 3 euros
NO TURNING BACK "rise from the ashes" 7" [not just words records] - Unadulterated and pissed off hardcore, less "tough guy" and more oldschool than their previous works. MP3: sick world - 3 euros

NUX VOMICA "the uninspired" 7" [firestarter records] - Crazy & devastating punk/metal/thrash/crust from Baltimore, It's fast, it's heavy, it's inpsiring... mp3: fuck ageist sympathy - 3 euros

OFFENDERS "i hate myself / bad times" 7" [kangaroo records] - Areissue from this classic hc record originally recorded in '84... recommended if you like MDC - 3 euros
OPERATION EAT SHIT / YOUSSOUF TODAY split 7" [emergence records] - OPERATION EAT SHIT: female-fronted, fast & raw hardcore/punk, MP3: guestbook fighting. YOUSSOUF TODAY: raging thrashy oldschool in the vein of Vitamin X, Limp Wrist,... - 3 euros
OUR TIMES "s/t" 7" [headcount records] - New straight edge band (myspace) from Buffalo (NY). Expect raging oldschool in the vein of Lights Out, Outbreak, Righteous Jam - 3 euros

POINTING FINGER "Transcend" 7" [commitment records] - Came out almostat the same time than the "Reasons, not Rules!" ep, posi xyouth crewx. Listen transcend - 3 euros

POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT / OUTRAGED split 7" - POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT: fast & pissed posi straight edge hardcore from the Boston area. OUTRAGED: fast & devastating latino thrash assault from California - 3 euros
THE RATS "we're the rats" 7" [thrashbastard records] - Fast hardcore/punk from Sweden influenced by Tear It Up, Jerry's Kids,... MP3: we're the rats - 3 euros
THE RATS / SHUT THE FUCK UP split 7" [thrashbastard records] - THE RATS (myspace): the swedish answer to Tear It Up. SHUT THE FUCK UP (myspace): all go no slow hardcore from Germany, really fast early 80s influenced hardcore, these guys are pissed! - 3 euros
REMAIN 7" [not just words records] - Pissed off and anger fueled hardcore in the vein of Floorpunch, Judge and Chorus of Disapproval. MP3: too blind to see - 3 euros
RUINER "what could possibly go right?" 7" [firestarter records] - This Baltimore bands deliver great passionate, melodic, spitful & raw hc. MP3: paint peals - 3 euros
SAY GOODBYE "misanthropy" 7"  [western front records] - Latest ep from this american outfit, pissed as fuck, intense, fast hardcore, great!! mp3: you don't get it - 3 euros

SET TO EXPLODE "s/t" 7" [gravemistake records] - Old-fashioned hardcore-punk from DC (myspace). Fast & raw, in the vein of Negative Approach, Deadstop, early Agnostic Front,... 3 euros

SHREDDER "damnit riggs!" 7" [holy shit! records] - Belgian thrash devastation in the vein of Siege, Voorhees, Infest,... listen monster jam - 3 euros
SKITYOUTH ARMY 7" - Thrash/power violence devastation from Paris - 3 euros
THE SPARK / DEATHCYCLE split 7" [burn bridges records] - The Spark are back with their awesome fast & pissed hc/punk. Recommended if you dig bands like Tear It Up. Listen fireflower // Deathcycle: fast hc from NY with Kill Your Idols members - 3 euros
THE SPARK / BAIL OUT split 7" [rosewater records] - THE SPARK: awesome raging hc/punk in the vein of Tear It Up, MP3: emergency surgery in the studio. BAIL OUT!: great fast hardcore, MP3: keep talking - 3 euros
THE SPARK "fashion rats & status whores" 7" - fast, pissed hardcore/punk at its best, reminds Tear It Up. mp3: circle pits, not karate kicks - 3 euros
SSS "s/t" 7" [dead & gone records] - British thrash mayhem in the vein of Municipal Waste, SOD, "kill'em all"-era Metallica,... MP3: cdc - 3 euros
STRONG AS TEN 7" [shogun records] - ripping thrashcore, MP3: back to reality - 3 euros
STRONG INTENTION / SOLID DECLINE split 7" [vendetta records] - a blazing split, ripping-hc-thrash at it's best ! (Strong Intention MP3's) - 3 euros
SUICIDE PARTY / the SCARLET LETTER split 7" [vendetta records] - Suicide Party: Caustic, nihilistic hardcore punk featuring members of Talk Is Poison & Full Speed Ahead. The Scarlet Letter mix element of hardcore, punk, grind and screamo - 3 euros
TEKKEN / PARKINSON split 7" [jason r] - TEKKEN deliver 8 tracks of crazy & thrashy "grind'n roll... insane! PARKINSON come from Malaysia and play devastating grindcore - 3 euros

UZI SUICIDE / PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER split 7" [rsr records] - UZI SUICIDE (myspace) plays ass-kicking music with great lyrics... ultra fast, like a more punk Infest. PRETTY LITTLE FLOWER (myspace) delivers straight up oldschool grindcore - 3 euros

THE VOWS "s/t" 7" [dead & gone records] - New straight edge band from Seattle with members of Champion, Unbroken,... MP3: back from the deads - 3 euros

WALK ASIDE "this ain't no market... and we ain't no commodities" 7" [carte blanche records] - Heavy old school styled hardcore from Canada with a good mix of speed and slower breakdowns, and vocals that are straight yells and have a pretty cool sound to 'em. Listen fuck you and your wise guy ego - 3 euros

WASTED TIME "s/t" 7" [gravemistake records] - Great band (myspace) from Virginia Beach, pissed hardcore/punk in the vein of Negative Approach, Poison Idea, Negative FX,... 3 euros

WORLD BURNS TO DEATH "No down comes... night without end" 7" [hardcore holocaust records) - Intense bulldozing dark hardcore fury. Recommended if you dig Tragedy and the likes - 3 euros
YOUSSOUF TODAY "s/t" 7" [emergence records] - fast & pissed oldschool with a thrashy edge, awesome stuff. Highly recommended if you dig bands like Vitalmin X | mp3s: DIY & loud, fast, pissed off - 3 euros
THE YOUTHS "s/t" ep [criminal hq] - Awesome old style punk with a garagae touch, highly recommend if you dig the Adolescents, The Vicious, Wipers, Tristess,... Check out the following link to listen some great tunes - 3 euros
ZxExD / VENICE split 7" [regulator records] - ZED: raging thrashcore from Portugal (ex-Time X, Mad Rats), mp3: fim do estado & azia / Venice: skatecore from Argentina - 3 euros

7 inches

10 & 12 inches